Larix’s Lounge: A Virtual Bar

To stave off isolation, I’ve started to host a virtual bar on Twitch under the moniker larix_laricina on Saturday evenings. Using a shelf and some bar stools desperately in need of refinishing, I sit behind a makeshift bar and mix drinks, play some chill music, and answer questions about cocktails and the spirits industry. In the two (and a half) sessions of Larix’s Lounge, I’ve made several drinks, archived in the Videos tab of my Twitch page. The archived videos may change over time, or I may have to re-upload them to YouTube for preservation; if I do so, I will update the links here.

My reaction to the beverages made on stream will be in the video, so for the most part, I won’t recap them here. Some drinks will be interesting or surprising enough, or require further explanation, and those will get their own blog post. But for now, this will be a brief summary of the drinks you can find in the videos.

In the initial test episode, I started with a 20th Century from Meehan’s Bartender Manual. Most of the stream was spent making note of all the things I forgot, and figuring out how I could improve the setup for the initial stream.

The official inaugural session kicked off with an original yet-to-be-named drink, a modified daiquiri substituting equal parts raspberry syrup and coconut cream for the simple syrup. Next up was the Brown Derby, also from Meehan’s Bartender Manual. I finished off the night with another yet-to-be-named negroni variant made with equal parts Aalborg Taffel Akvavit, ruby port, and Aperol.

In the second session of Larix’s Lounge, I started off with a tequila drink (as requested in the first session)—the unfortunately named Mexican Firing Squad. After that, I started working on an ambitious experiment to create a clarified milk punch with coffee and spices. That drink took most of the session, and deserves its own post detailing the results. After that, I made a non-alcoholic beverage for my wife: one part each of lime juice, blood orange juice, and grenadine, and two parts coconut cream, topped off with soda water. I finished off the night with a traditional Manhattan and some bitters & soda.

I’ve really enjoyed welcoming everyone into my makeshift bar each week. It’s a highlight of the week for me. Hanging out with everyone, even if I’m just looking at a webcam, has helped keep me sane during the lockdown, giving me some direction. I’m already looking forward to next week.

Thanks, stay safe, and I hope to see you at the next Larix’s Lounge.

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