Excitement – the Halifax Spring

Folks, good news!  On a whim, I entered a giveaway for a small batch seasonal spiced rum from Lyon Distillery in Maryland, hosted by a cool blogger at www.behindthecraft.com. All you needed to enter was a cocktail that featured spiced rum! Since they were still accepting entries, I decided to give it a shot. The requirements were rather simple: it must include spiced rum, it should represent the season in some way, and it must be either an original creation or a twist on a classic.  Lucky for me, I’ve just spend the last month modifying or creating drinks! The first thing I tried was to modify the drink I had just made for The Stag and Otter: the Promise of Spring.  Here’s what I ended up with:

Halifax Spring:

2 parts spiced rum

1 part fresh grapefruit juice

1/2 part simple syrup*

Drizzle of pure maple syrup

1/4 ripe pear

The only changes between Halifax and The Promise are switching out the gin for spiced rum (of course) and reducing the amount of simple syrup, both directly added to the drink and by not poaching the pears in syrup. Since rum is inherently much more sweet than gin, I felt safe moving away from some of the added sweet. Even though this was the first thing I tried, this was so pleasant and drinkable that I didn’t go any further. The only addition I made to this recipe after the first tasting was to add a thick garnish of lemon. Without it, this drink can be a little too sweet, at least for my taste. Though slight, the freshness and tang of the lemon peel helps keep this drink balanced.

There were plenty of other good drinks entered into this contest already when I submitted the Halifax Spring, so I didn’t think my chances were good. But then, after a long day knowing I was in the top three entries, Halifax Spring was declared the winner! And I have to admit, it feels pretty good. I’ve only been exploring the world of craft cocktails for a little over a month. I’ve barely begun to learn how to make different things and what flavor profiles different spirits, bitters, and ingredients have and how they interact with each other. But it’s good to know that I’m on the right track with some stuff. I feel much more motivated now, and let’s see if I can crank out more than just one post per week from here on. And I’ll have some amazing spiced rum to work with as well.

Thank you all, dear readers, for your support so far. I know this blog is still rather sparse and plain, and I have a lot of content to add still. But we’re growing, and this is an excellent sign that I’m moving in the right direction.

Follow the blog that hosted the contest on twitter  @BehindTheCraft or at their website, www.behindthecraft.com. As for the distiller, follow them on their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LyonDistilling or on their twitter @LYONDISTILLING .

Thanks for reading, and cheers!

*: In the future, I think some sort of spiced syrup (ginger, clove, or cinnamon, depending on the inherent flavors in your rum of choice) would add a little more complexity to this cocktail.

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